Monday, January 9, 2017

"OUTDATED THOUGHTS??": "Demonetization & Economic Tantrums"

"OUTDATED THOUGHTS??": "Demonetization & Economic Tantrums"

"Demonetization & Economic Tantrums"

Demonetization was an ill-conceived and  poorly planned step by a popular LEADER....

over the time, its fallacies and inadequacies became manifest causing unparalleled hardships to the  public.....

It may not be politically prudent for PM  to revert back  the decision...Many a times, things  don't pan out as anticipated...

But dishing out more impractical hasty formulas on   daily basis  to cover up the fiasco is turning out to be ridiculous as well as dangerous...

Cashless ,Paytm ,Mobile banking, Thumb-controlled economy, Aadahar based transactions, n multitude of cards n Apps.... All these are being pushed and forced through the ill-prepared economic system of our country.....

 Poor general public has gone through the traumatic experience of demonetization and trying to come out of it now ...Our dear PM and FM, please  concentrate your efforts to remonetize and augment cash  as soon as possible...

 Don't put the hapless tolerant Indians through more pain, agony,financial hardships n economic cyberfrauds....

all this brouhaha about cashless economy is not going to solve the hardships inflicted on an ill-prepared nation by the  badly planned demonetization ....

Rather,we are being forced to face newer types of economic hardships and financial frauds...

Please, evaluate n accept your shortcomings...and don't throw newer economic tantrums daily.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"Puzzling Judiciary!!!"

Anticipatory bail was granted to Rathore today against sureties of Rs.2 lakhs :-( What is the logic behind bail based on monetory sureties ???I have failed to understand it till date!!!Is it advantage rich people even after commiting crime?????? Does it mean-if you are poor,remain behind the bars-- but--if you are having ample money, get away scot free?????
In first instance,immediate bail was granted on funny ground after giving ridiculous six months jail.Now,today's anticipatory bail despite huge national outrage against obvious miscarriage of justice in last 19 years!!! Indain judicial system puzzles me,at times!!!!Do judges live in Ivory towers in our country???

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Its such an nauseating and depressing scenario today...Just have a look on the major events and issues in recent days-

1.The whole social-political structure--Judiciary, Police, CBI, State Administration, and even chief ministers-- colluded against a 14-year old girl, Ruchika, over 19 years.And still, they are shamelessly defiant!!!

2.Whole Andhra-Pradesh is on the boil because of a foolish haste shown by central govt. in handling a divisive demand by a non-commital leader-KCR.And they are in the habit of doing so repeatedly putting the integrity of country at stake.Same leadership is shielding Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra!!!
3.Election results in Jharkhand throws up Shibhu soren as the king in state politics, a leader ill-famed for criminal cases,greed and corrupt ways.Mr.Madhu Koda was in limelight recently for the biggest ever corruption scandal in recent times from same state and her wife won assembly election from same constituency...What an irony in Indian Democracy!!!!

4.The Red-Brigade literally abducted The RAJDHANI EXPRESS challenging our political system and internal security openly.And Railway minister is found to be a sympatiser of these errant maoists!!!!

5.Supreme Court is forced to step in to stop Ms. Mayawati, chief minister of the state, from misusing crores of state exchequers for beautification of Ambedkar Park and erecting statues .And Bundelkhand in the same state is reeling under draught, poverty, and farmer’s suicides for so many years!!!!

6.Kids keep on falling in boreholes, mainholes and Municipal-digged ditches on shameless regularity all over the country.And no significant efforts taken to tame this except huge media coverage everytime!!!!!

7.Astronomical rise in prices of daily commodities in last six-months in regime of a government having an economist prime-minister.And Agriculture minister giving bunch of funny excuses in place of taking timely concrete steps!!!! Tons of grains rotting as a courtesy of FCI!!!!

8.Family of Police officers martyred in 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack got assurance for Petrol Pump allocation only after Sonia Gandhi intervened, that too, after one year.And Wife of a senior slain police officer was forced to use RTI Act to get details about her husband’s death and post-mortem report!!!!And the shameless saga of missing Karkare Jacket continues....

9.Delhi, Capital of our country, is turning out to be a capital of Crime—Daylight murders & robberies, rapes in moving cars, Biker gangs on looting spree ,Drugged Rave-parties and so on.....

10.Srilanka Cricket Team is forced to walk out of last one day match because of poor and risky playing Kotla Pitch in OUR NATIOANL CAPITAL!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

" Naxalism & THE CHOPPER"

Gadchiroli naxal attack on the patrolling police patry was again another example of Adhocism by our Government in handling the problem. Its a continuing saga of callous indifference of our leaders n utter failure of governance...No CHOPPER backup came for the rescue of encircled special policeforce :-(

just a day before the incident,Dharmaraobaba Atram-, Congress assembly election canditate from the same place ,was there by CHOPPER to address an election rally :-(

And esteemed Maharashtra home minister reached to console the aggrieved policemen and families next day by CHOPPER

Sunday, October 4, 2009

JINNAHed Raj— Shiv-sena &Congress’ joint Venture

The Grand old man of Maratha Manoos Politics –Balasahaeb- has drawn a parallelism between Raj Thackeray and Jinnah in his recent Samna Editorial. In Long run, his prediction may turn into reality or may be not. But, undoubtedly, His lifetime aggressive political endeavor and “Dhritrashtral Putramoh” in the dusk of his political journey gave a fillip to Raj-MNS turbulence.Ultimately, you rip what you sow.

He vouched for Hinduism and ‘anti-Lungi Politics’ yet nurtured Sanjay Nirupam and Chhath festival in Mumbai in search of ‘Kursi’ and Raj was comfortable with all this when in Shiv-sena.Now pushed to the cliff, he went two-step ahead of his uncle and started anti-Hindi politics with a ‘Tadka’ of endangered Marathi manoos Asmita.He is well aware of the fact that this brand of politics is having definite appeal in Marathi land, though limited.His immediate goal is to have a share in the pie, the means to achieve it is not important for him.
Congress is engaged in dirty political maneuvering here, again. Playing divisive spoilsport with impunity is its forte since its pre-independence era .Mohammed Ali Jinnah was an ardent nationalist and a follower of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his early days and he kept himself distanced from Muslim League Politics for years while remaining in INC.He got transformed into diametrically opposite persona of hard-line Muslim politician because of his disenchantment with overshadowing presence of Gandhi-Nehru Phenomenon in INC and their soft posturing for Hindu Revivalist Movements. They chose to ignore his insecurities and sensibilities belittling his importance and his moving to England out of frustration gave British Rulers a chance to brainwash him towards pursuing for separate Muslim Nation. Rest is a well-known geo-national divisive calamity.
If at all, any PARALLELISM is there, then--Congress is playing the villainous part of British rulers and Shiv-sena is in the role of INC. If the Esteemed Maratha Political Chieftains allow this to continue in Maratha land, then JINNAHed Raj is not a far-fetched Possibility.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The ‘Raj Thackeray’ phenomenon— Deeper malaise in our polity

Recent rise of Raj Thackeray and his brand of aggressive violent politics in Maratha land gives a ‘déjà vu’ feeling about reckless sense and sensibility of mainstream Indian polity. This is a longstanding malaise which perpetuates our socio-political fabric with disastrous consequences yet our political chieftains refuse to take any lesson and keep on playing havoc with social diversity and national integrity for their short-term gains with impunity.

Here I am going to elaborate on some of previous similar political commissions and omissions which cost dearly to our country.

But first Raj Thackeray…....

In My view, following factors are involved in facilitating his emergence on Maratha Political Landscape----

1. Bal Thackeray’s “PUTRAMOH” is the prime trigger which created identity crisis for Raj .He opted to go two steps ahead of the shiv-sena brand of aggressive posturing in politics because he had graduated from the same.

2. The existing political parties and leaders of Maharastra seem to have failed to address the grassroot aspirations and maladies of Maratha Manoos, taking them for granted once they grabbed power. Disgruntled Marathi people opted to go with Raj even though many are not comfortable with his ways and means.

3. Bal Thackeray emerged on Indian political spectrum in seventies because of wrong appeasement policies and Delhi-centric politics of Congress. It wasn’t limited only to Maharastra. Regional political parties in various other states, ether south or north, emerged and elbowed congress out of its cozy complacency. But over the years, Shiv-sena seems to have stagnated and entangled in dynastic imbroglio with this inevitable outcome in the form of MNS-Raj.

4. Changing demography of Mumbai, poverty-stricken farmers committing suicide, rising unemployment of Marathi youths, lesser space for Marathi on the national scene despite rich socio-cultural and strong economic clout and despicable political posturing by Lalu-Mulayam-Amarsingh brand of leaders etc. pushed the common Marathi manoos towards Raj-MNS platform in search of identity.

The backdoor divisive politics of congress trying to promote Raj-MNS to neutralize Shiv-sena is short-sighted and highly deplorable. They did the same with ‘Asom Gan Sangram Parishad’ and Assam is still paying the price. Indira Gandhi nurtured Bhindrawale to counter Alkalis and it led to khalistani-mayhem throughout Punjab and rest of the nation. Congress never learns from its past mistakes and keeps on playing the divisive game which they seem to have inherited from their British-cultured great leaders.