Sunday, October 4, 2009

JINNAHed Raj— Shiv-sena &Congress’ joint Venture

The Grand old man of Maratha Manoos Politics –Balasahaeb- has drawn a parallelism between Raj Thackeray and Jinnah in his recent Samna Editorial. In Long run, his prediction may turn into reality or may be not. But, undoubtedly, His lifetime aggressive political endeavor and “Dhritrashtral Putramoh” in the dusk of his political journey gave a fillip to Raj-MNS turbulence.Ultimately, you rip what you sow.

He vouched for Hinduism and ‘anti-Lungi Politics’ yet nurtured Sanjay Nirupam and Chhath festival in Mumbai in search of ‘Kursi’ and Raj was comfortable with all this when in Shiv-sena.Now pushed to the cliff, he went two-step ahead of his uncle and started anti-Hindi politics with a ‘Tadka’ of endangered Marathi manoos Asmita.He is well aware of the fact that this brand of politics is having definite appeal in Marathi land, though limited.His immediate goal is to have a share in the pie, the means to achieve it is not important for him.
Congress is engaged in dirty political maneuvering here, again. Playing divisive spoilsport with impunity is its forte since its pre-independence era .Mohammed Ali Jinnah was an ardent nationalist and a follower of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his early days and he kept himself distanced from Muslim League Politics for years while remaining in INC.He got transformed into diametrically opposite persona of hard-line Muslim politician because of his disenchantment with overshadowing presence of Gandhi-Nehru Phenomenon in INC and their soft posturing for Hindu Revivalist Movements. They chose to ignore his insecurities and sensibilities belittling his importance and his moving to England out of frustration gave British Rulers a chance to brainwash him towards pursuing for separate Muslim Nation. Rest is a well-known geo-national divisive calamity.
If at all, any PARALLELISM is there, then--Congress is playing the villainous part of British rulers and Shiv-sena is in the role of INC. If the Esteemed Maratha Political Chieftains allow this to continue in Maratha land, then JINNAHed Raj is not a far-fetched Possibility.