Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shameless Tharoor Saga Continues…

The continuing saga of our esteemed minister of state, foreign affairs is a reflection of the sorry state of Indian politico-social ethos. It’s a wretched and totally shameless behavior by him. He keeps on displaying insensitive arrogance towards the sentiments and dignity of millions who were having high expectations from young yet experienced Tharoor when he entered in Indian politics last year. One of them was me, too !!!!

His series of misdemeanors brought into limelight by media and net which are really despicable are….
1. He and his senior cabinet minister were carrying out their official work from five star hotel suits as if they were descendents of king Tutumkhanam .When pointed out and requested to move to available accommodations in Hyderabad house, they gave arrogant statements shamelessly displaying their opulent monetary status. Such a behavior is regrettable in the backdrop of rising cost of common man’s “THALI”, failing monsoon with looming draught and debt-ridden farmers committing suicides in our country.
2. When a symbolic austerity drive was started by his senior congress leaders, he ridiculed them by comparing their efforts with ‘cattle class’ travel. Here again, his opulent arrogance and insensitivity is evidentL If people traveling in economy class are like cattle for him, what about 98% of Indians who never travel by air in their lifetime?????????
3. When lot of hue and cry is there condemning his loathsome twittering and lack of common socio-political sense, he displayed another glaring insensitivity by finding faults with the people who failed to see inherent humor in his tweeter blogging…

What can be said about this person who is not accepting his series of faults and now trying to cover it up by questioning the sense of humor of majority of those who read and disagreed with himL Mr. Tharoor must be made to understand that their political representatives and ministers should not be allowed to make fun of poverty and pathos of common man at all. Some visible steps must be taken in this case and such persons should not be let Scot-free.


  1. We Indians are overall at fault for this state of affair.

    We always misunderstand people who seem to look smart and polished, talk English smoothly.

    This has always plagued India's progress. From the time India chose Nehru over Sardar Patel, this malady has set in, and it does not seem to end ever.

    This continued to happen with Rajeev and Rahul Gandhi as well.

    Now on Tharoor, he is also from the opulant and aristocratic class leaving mostly outside India. So obviously he is not going to understand the plight of common Indians.

    Another major factor where Tharoor has gone wrong, because educated Indians should not get into politics. It is just not their cup of tea.

    This may look outlandish but we have lots of example of that. Our most learned and educated PM, who did so well with Narasimha Rao in 1991 is nothing but a rubber stamp now.

    With so much trust, we got Congress into full majority and whats happening. Its been pure disaster.

    Five years back, there was a lot of talk making Narayana Murthy as the President of India. But thankfully those talks post 2005 has been set to rest.

    With due regards to his scientific ability, we still didnt get much out of Abul Kalam as the President of India.

    I am not against rich Indians. But there are a lot of Indians, who after getting rich, turn away from their fellow Indians. Or if they are born rich they anyway look down upon the poor, as thats the environment in their homes.

    I have been travelling abroad a lot but I was most dumb struck, when I first came to US and saw a lot of second generation US born Indians looking down upon us for no reasons. Even though they were not born in India and never even visited it all they knew about India is that it is a bad place to live in.

  2. ड्रां गिरि साहब नमस्कार, मुझे थारू के व्याण मै कुछ गडबड लग रही है, हो सकता है इस की टिपण्णि को जान बुझ कर तोड मोड कर पेश किया हो.उस के कहने का मतलब यह भी हो सकता है की इस कलास मै लोग भेड बकरियो की तरह से यात्रा करते है, तो तुम ( सोनिया ओर राहुल त्याग के देवी देवता )भी इन लोगो की तरह से सफ़र करो, या हो सकता है थारू ने सच मै हम लोगो की बेज्जती करी हो, इस बारे सही बात जाने बिना मै क्या लिखू, अगर थारू ने सच मै ऎसी टिपण्णी दी है तो बहुत शरमनाक है, ओर वो अपनी ओकात भुल गया है.
    वेसे मै किसी भी अग्रेजी मै लिखे ब्लांग पर कभी भी टिपण्णी नही देता, आप का पहला ओर मेरी आखरी टिपण्णि है एक अग्रेजी के ब्लांग पर, आप को हिन्दी के ब्लांग पर हमेशा टिपण्णि दुंगा.

  3. this is a fault ofus as we r adapting the western culture in our culture comepletly and forgetting our manners and respect towards other is not bad to adapt other culture but we should not forget our Sanskar given by our ancesestors anyways...and rude...this term is becoming quite common in our society as people who r at higher positions do misuse their powers...

  4. i fully agree with u Dr. Giri. Tharoor's statement was uncalled for. being rich is not bad, but what is bad is flaunting it shamelessly.he can not sit with his legs folded closer to his body in a plane, but what abt people who have never seen a plane in their life..are they not humans.....ask Tharoor...and he would tell u that they are not.
    and by the way i wonder if Mr. Tharoor was really paying for his stay at the 5 star...... i read some where,30 lakhs a month..and he had been living for long....
    food for thought?

  5. Yes i 100% agree with mr. Tharoors , we indian really are like that still we vote for people like that ,meantime rahul gandhi doing doing all bullshit drama in UP where people are hungry and dying(bundelkhand) we are really cattle class who always give them votes and elect them and make our superstar leaders. and i would like to not to point out single finger over tharoor because he is the only dared fellow who have guts to say truth. gr8 applause comparing those politicians who say and think us but when talk they consider us janta janardan, all the blog readers& respected dr. giri we must have or applause for tharoor for the telling truth. jai hind