Thursday, August 6, 2009

"salman khan syndrome"..Contd....

This phenomenon is not limited to the female fans of Salman Khan only.This contradictory "Fan-Behaviour" is all pervasive, surpassing gender,clan,national and international boundaries.Recent example is the hype and hysteria created after the death of Popstar Michael Jackson.Public turnout for his funeral is said to be largest ever ,seen only for Kennedy till today !!!!Audio-visual and print media is still galore with stories of people going ga-ga about his greatness and nobility .
How can a person with traumatised childhood,disgusting paedophilic adulthood and drug-addicted regrettable end of life ,turns out to be "ideal and idol" for the Hip-Hop Generation?????? Similarly, an aspiring young Nihita Biswas was seen declaring on TV last year that "Bikni-killer" Charles Shobhraj is innocent and she is so much in love wth him that she is going to marry him !!!!!


  1. मुझे तो ना सलमान पसंद है ना शाहरुख़ या michael jackson...फिर भी मेरा मानना है की किसी भी व्यक्ति को अपना आदर्श बनाने में हमारी आज की पीढी सिर्फ उसकी बाहरी चमक दमक देखकर ही प्रभावित हो जाती है. लेकिन उसके अंदरूनी गुणों की तरफ किसी का ध्यान नहीं जाता है.

    स्वामी विवेकानंद ने कहा है... "If a person with an ideal is meant to commit 100s of mistake, a person without an ideal will make 1000s of mistakes".

    इसलिए मेरा मानना है हर किसी के जीवन में कोई ना कोई आदर्श तो होना चाहिए, लेकिन इन फ़िल्मी सितारों के अलावा भी दुनिया में हजारों महापुरुष है जिन्हें हम अपना आदर्श बना सकते है. युवा पीढी शायद भगत सिंह, मंगल पाण्डेय, आदि लोगो को भूल गये है??? अगर थोडा माडर्न हुआ जाये तो क्या अब्दुल कलम जी को हम अपना आदर्श नहीं बना सकते???

    आज के युवा भटके हुए है, IIT, Medical, Civil services....इन सबके लिए कुछ भी कर सकते है, उनके आदर्श जब खुद भटके हुए ऐसे लोग है जो अपने जीवन में एक भी ऐसा काम नहीं कर सके है जिसे मानवता या समाज के लिहाज से उचित कहा जा सके... उनसे क्या उम्मीद की जा सकती है???


  2. बात एकदम पते की कही है नीलिमा जी आपने. यह विरोधाभास इतना ज्यादा दिखता है आज के सामाजिक सांस्कृतिक परिवेश में ...त्रासदी यह है कि सही और गलत के बीच का विभाज्य धुंधला होता जा रहा है...

  3. What i have to say.....AAHHHHHHHHH.....agree
    with Neelima ji....

  4. Dr. Sahab, sirf Salmaan ya Michael Jackson hi kyon past mein bhi kai geniuses (performing arts, painters, writers etc)aise hue hain jo aaj idolise kiye jaate hain. I am not a Salmaan or MJ fan but ek baat jaroor hai ki jo fans hote hain woh inke hunar ke liye inke fans hote hain na ki personal behaviour ke liye. World Idolises Elvis Presley (he was drug dependent) and Marilyn Monroe(eccentric behaviour and other problems) or our very own Kishore Kumar and MF Husain are also known for their eccentric behaviour but still they are legends in their own right! I am sure all the people who idolise them, they do so for their work. Who says Abdul Kalam doesn't have a fan following? Otherwise "Ignited Minds" would not have sold thousands of copies.
    How many people were fans of Bhagat Singh & Mangal Pandey in their own generation? The younger generation has lot of talent, they are better informed (thanks to technology) and a adventurous lot. They can well differentiate between good and bad. Tell me how many people went on a rampage of killing black bucks or running cars on sleeping pavement dwellers aor taking drugs because their idols were doing so.........??
    I think that every generation had people behaving in the same way. Even yesteryear actors Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna who openly violated their marriages were idolised and even todays Shiney and Salman are idolised. The yesteryear generation idolised these people for their talent and so does the todays' generation. Neither the old stars offences were less nor the today's generation's stars.
    P.S. : Dr. sahab, the thoughts are mine and no offences meant for anyone here on this Forum.

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  6. Prabha jee, what is undesirable for the salman khan generation can't be endorsed for Raj kapoor's generation. "Neither the old stars offences were less nor the today's generation's stars"--Your these words sum up my views pretty nicely.....
    In my view,the malady is many generations old , but it has galloped to worrisome proportion now.Drug addiction ,road rage or arrogant law-breaking attitude is more common now than yesteryears.And one of the reason,but not the only one, is the diminishing social space for good characters.

  7. Agreed Dr. sahab. Par yeh smasya har peedi mein rahi hai. Although a serious discussion is going on, to put things lightly, main to yahi kahungi ki har generation ne apne agle generation mein kamiyaan dekhin. Na humare dada-nana ke generation mein humare pita, chacha, mama ka patloon pahnana gawara tha na unka cinema jaana. Unka khud ka hukka peena sahi tha aur nayi generation ka cigarette peena galat!!Isiliye jab jab nayi peedhi aayi matbhed bane rahe. Farq yeh hai ki us waqt ke adhiktar bujurg principles wale hote they aur wahi sanskaar dete the.aaj ki generation ke mata-pita flexi principles ka jeevan nirwaah kar rahe hain. Every rule is moulded to suit our conveniences. Ab jab abhibhavak hi aisa kar rahe hain to bachchon se kya umeed karein..........??

  8. Prabhajee, i am eagerly waiting for your views on the third part of this write-up :)